No matter how hard you try, it's impossible to avoid those accidental spills that you or your passengers are prone to when all you're trying to do is have some fun. A car brakes suddenly; your friends are joking around; or you're too focused on your food and drink. It all culminates in that moment where your heart sinks and you realise you've probably stained your pristine seats, door cards, your carpet or even your roof. 

With BLACK SERIES FABRIC PROTECH those worries are no more! Once applied to your fabrics, watch as our super-hydrophobic formulation repels oil, stains and liquids so they become incredibly easy to clean up. The once-dangerous perpetrators now bead and sit on the surface of your fabric instead of penetrating, allowing you the time to simply wipe up and absorb away from your precious vehicle interior. 

BLACK SERIES FABRIC PROTECH is also water-based with no discernible scent and will not affect the look, feel or breath-ability of the fabric you choose to apply it to. 

Simply apply to a thoroughly cleaned and completely dry surface, allow to dwell for the prescribed time and watch as your fabrics become incredibly protected!

Note: Only 250ML and 500ML variants come with a spray nozzle. The Pro Chemical resistant bottle is available for the refill sizes (1L, 5L).

Best Practice

Note: Shake well before use. Do not use in direct sunlight. Always spot test when unsure.

  1. Thoroughly clean entire fabric surface and allow to completely dry before application of FABRIC PROTECH.
  2. Spray FABRIC PROTECH heavily over the fabric surface so that it is damp to the touch and there is full coverage.
  3. Allow the first coat to sit for 30 minutes. It is not expected to dry in this time. 
  4. Evenly spray a second, much lighter coat, over the fabric. The aim here is to ensure no spot has been missed.
  5. Allow the fabric to dry and cure now for at least 12 hours without external interference. Your fabric is now protected. 

FABRIC PROTECH should provide up to 1 years worth of protection on automotive fabric surfaces exposed to regular use.

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