MIRCH Wheel Woolies 3 Pack


Get the most out of your wheel clean with our MIRCH WHEEL WOOLIES 3 PACK! The 3 sizes are perfect for the different zones you'll be covering:

  • The large wheel woolie is perfect for cleaning rims with bigger gaps and can also be used for cleaning exhaust pipes and wheel arches.
  • The medium wheel woolie is ideal for cleaning rims, brake calipers and engine bays
  • The small wheel woolie performs where the others can't, hitting all those tight spots in high spoke rims and can also be used for grills. 

For best results clean a single wheel at a time. Spray your dry wheel generously with your cleaner of choice like MIRCH GRIME OFF or MIRCH BLACK SERIES DRAGON BLOOD and allow to dwell for 1 minute. Dip your wheel woolie into wash water and then agitate all surfaces of the wheel, particularly those areas that are hard to reach and normally have greater grime buildup. Finally high pressure rinse your wheel to remove all impurities and dry with a microfibre towel to ensure no residue is left behind. 

After use, gently rinse out wheel woolies using warm water and laundry liquid. Shake out excess water and allow to dry. Store in a cool, dry place. 

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