The Only True All-Purpose-Cleaner. Don't Look Back With Liquid Gold.

LIQUID GOLD is an ultra versatile all-purpose cleaner that cuts through all levels of dirt, grease, and grime using only natural ingredients! Inside, Outside - use it anywhere!

Use This To: 

  • Clean everything from carpets to engine bays
  • Wipe up spilled drinks and body oil from interior
  • Remove stains and odours from upholstery
  • Dissolve sticky grease and oil stains
  • Break down grime, brake dust, and mud from wheels and tyres

Gently Cleanse Just About Any Surface

There simply isn't another product like LIQUID GOLD. It comes at full strength allowing for significant dilution and you will be constantly looking for new places to try this unbelievable formulation! Now you can clean carpets, tires, plastics, and engine bay parts with one advanced super cleaner.

Simply the best APC.

It's a big claim and we stand by it. While there are plenty of strong - often caustic or acidic based cleaners on the market that show good results in some area's, there are inevitably drawbacks in many applications. This is where LIQUID GOLD truly stands out, its safe to use neat and has unbelievable cleaning power with user safety in mind! Yes, there are no caustic or acidic chemicals here, so you really can use it on any surface. It has a natural citrus scent which is a natural odour eliminating enzyme leaving cleaned surfaces fresh and odour free. 

Note: Only 500ML sizes come fitted with a standard spray nozzle. 1L & 5L are value packs and a long lasting “Pro Chemical Resistant Spray Bottle” or “Pro Viton Pressure Sprayer” can be purchased if you need a spray applicator for these.

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