MIRCH is a car care products store, carrying wholesale car care products for your convenience. If you have been wondering where to buy car care products that are on that next level, you are in the right place! We aim to provide quality car care products, assure a smooth way to purchase online and supply you with a constantly growing range in our car care products shop.

At MIRCH, we approach our work with a Kaizen methodology – the business philosophy whereby there is always a drive for continuous improvement in everything we do. From product testing to development; factory operations to customer service and everything in between; we strive to always find ways to do better than we have previously.   

This mentality is demonstrated through our mantra and slogan ‘Excellence Formulated’. The primary focus at MIRCH is to formulate premium products to provide you with the greatest solution for all your car care needs. Our team aims highest so that in the end you receive the best!