It's Time to Party, Foam Style!

HULK is a hi-tech, heavy duty and pH balanced shampoo specifically designed to create HULK levels of cleaning suds and foam in a foam cannon or foam gun to lubricate the surface and avoid scratching during washing.

Use This Soap To: 

  • Transform your car washing into a foam party
  • Carefully coat your car in a thick protective layer of suds
  • Loosen and gently guide away dirt and grime
  • Maintain the MIRCH show-winning shine
  • Make regular car washes easier and more fun!

Foam, Foam and Just More Foam!

HULK foam is thick, slick, and gentle. Powerful hyper surfactants loosen dirt and grime, lift them from sensitive automotive paintwork with billions of scrubbing bubbles, this safely lubricates the surface allowing you to remove the embedded contaminants safely without scratching the surface - MIRCH "Glide" Microfibre Wash Mitt comes in handy here. HULK rinses clean with no residue and even contains water softeners that help reduce hard water spots!

Advanced Technology for the Sudsiest Formula

HULK has been produced after countless and strict quality tests to create the thickest foam with safest user experience and most effective detergents. The thick foam produced by HULK is so lubricating it makes a substantial impact to negate scratches and swirls during washing. HULK has been chemically engineered to penetrate road grime and make removal of heavy contaminants a breeze with simply some light agitation from a high quality microfibre mitt. 

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