No More Dull Interior. Upscale With Interior Detailer.

INTERIOR DETAILER is the ultimate quick detailer. It restores a crisp OEM non - greasy sheen, and protects against harmful UV solar rays. Additionally it makes quick work of removing light dirt, body oils and other common interior contaminants. 

  • Quickly protect with no residue left behind
  • Simple one-step detailing on the go
  • Restore that original factory appearance
  • Clean without leaving behind greasy shine
  • Restore a rich new-like appearance
Versatile Cleaner and Protectant for All Surfaces

Clean dashboards, door panels, steering wheels, shift knobs, vinyl seats, glass, LCD screens, and more with Interior Detailer! The unique conditioners inside bring life back to dry and neglected interior surfaces and restores a matte, factory-fresh appearance. New anti-static agents and zero-residue formula help repel light dust and dirt to maintain a crisp, clean feel across cleaned surfaces.

You're Important, Keep That Interior In The Shape You Deserve.

When the interior is left unprotected and left to endure the usual wear and tear damage - it can be quite an unpleasant place to be. You deserve better, it's more than likely you'll spend more time inside the vehicle than admiring from the outside. So take that extra care, INTERIOR DETAILER cleans and protects all interior surfaces and removes those unwanted lingering odours. Prevent your trims from degrading due to sun light exposure and protect your investment!

Note: Only 500ML sizes come fitted with a standard spray nozzle. 1L & 5L are value packs and a long lasting “Pro Chemical Resistant Spray Bottle” or “Pro Viton Pressure Sprayer” can be purchased if you need a spray applicator for these.

Best Practice

Note: Best results on surfaces thoroughly cleaned using MIRCH INTERIOR CLEANER. Do not use in direct sunlight. Do not allow to dry on surface. Always spot test when unsure.

  1. Spray MIRCH INTERIOR DETAILER generously on to a quality towel, such as MIRCH LUX | TWIST | PANTHER | INFINITY until it is damp to the touch.
  2. Wipe MIRCH INTERIOR DETAILER on to the surfaces with your towel, making sure the product is visible on all targeted areas. The shine level can be adjusted by the volume of product you apply.
  3. Leave product to dwell for 1 minute, then rotate your towel to the dry side and wipe away any remaining residue, leaving a satin lustre.

Why Buy From Us


We have real chemical engineer's working with us to formulate the best. Not only do we have industrial experience. But our formulas are backed with real science.


To maintain the highest quality possible and to support Australian business, we produce, source and have all operations in Australia. Australian made is quality.


MIRCH is an industrial supplier to many professional detailers, cleaners, workshops and more.


We do not over sensationalise items with false marketing, our products produce real results, with real claims.

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