BLACK SERIES DRAGON BLOOD unites mighty degreasing power with a reactive iron purifier to vanquish grime, dirt and brake dust from your wheels. As DRAGON BLOOD suffuses the surface, it swiftly changes colour on contact with iron particles, transforming into a vivid purple. The solution continues to cling to the surface as it loosens and dissolves the impurities, making them effortless to wash away. 


BLACK SERIES DRAGON BLOOD is pH neutral and does not rely on caustic or acidic properties, making it safe on all wheel types, whether they are coated or not. You'll be amazed by the awesome cleaning power and its ability to pull iron contaminants that have been stuck for years. 

DRAGON BLOOD is an iron reactive wheel cleaner. This means it is most effective at cleaning built up brake dust and iron contaminants from external sources. The break dust and iron deposits become liquid after about 1 - 2 minutes of contact time, this can easily be rinsed with a pressure washer. If your wheels are also covered with other grime, grease, oil etc. Then light agitation with a quality brush or mitt will be required.  

Note: Only 500ML variant comes with a spray nozzle. The Pro Chemical resistant bottle is available for the refill sizes (1L, 5L). Like all iron-reactive cleaners, Dragon Blood does have a strong odour and should be used in a well ventilated area.

Best Practice

Note: Shake well before use. Do not use in direct sunlight. Do not allow to dry on surface. Apply in a well-ventilated area and wear gloves. Always spot test when unsure.

  1. Mist spray MIRCH DRAGON BLOOD generously on to a dry and cool wheel to coat entire surface. 
  2. Allow to dwell for 1-3 minutes but do not allow to dry. MIRCH DRAGON BLOOD will react and change colour to a vibrant purple after contact with iron particles.
  3. Agitate wheel with a brush like MIRCH TYRE BRUSH | PUMBA | WHEEL WOOLIES or quality mitt such as MIRCH ELEVATE or GLIDE to further loosen tough impurities.
  4. Pressure wash entire wheel, ensuring you wash away all residue and hit all hidden corners, especially those down low.

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