CLAY GLIDE is the essential partner in decontamination for any claying session. Spray on your exterior to create that slick, lubricated, minimum-friction surface for your clay bar or mitt to glide along without marring your paint. 

Use this to: 

  • Lubricate your clay mitt or bar
  • Create a friction-less exterior surface to decontaminate
  • Increase clay session effectiveness and speed
  • Stops scratching and swirling
  • Extend the longevity of your natural clay bar


You want the most effective decontamination to correctly prepare your vehicles exterior for the incredible coatings and protections you will undoubtedly be applying next. The clay bar or mitt utilises an adhesive, sticky surface texture to pull and separate above-surface contamination but without any lubrication you would spend an age trying to do this to your entire vehicle. CLAY GLIDE pairs perfectly so you can slide right over all surfaces gently, without scratching or swirling your paint, and see every minute impurity lifted away. Brake dust, tar, rust and more will be cut through like a knife through butter. Gentle but effective, your exterior will be restored to a pristine, smooth finish. 


Claying sessions should only be carried out after your vehicle has undergone a thorough wash and dry to remove all the loose impurities from the exterior surface. Ensure you also check your clay bar/mitt surfaces for imperfections before use. 

Best Practice

Note: Do not use in direct sunlight. Do not allow to dry on surface. Always spot test when unsure.

  1. For best results, your vehicle should be thoroughly washed prior to beginning your decontamination process.
  2. Spray MIRCH CLAY GLIDE generously onto targeted section – a high level of lubrication is absolutely vital in protecting your exterior. Work in small sections to ensure a comprehensive decontamination.
  3. With minimal pressure, gently slide your clay bar or MIRCH PURIFY clay mitt horizontally back and forth across the lubricated area.
  4. Once satisfied the clay has lifted all contaminants from that section of paint work, use a towel, like MIRCH LUX | TWIST | PANTHER to dry the surface.
  5. Repeat process across entire exterior of your vehicle.

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