MIRCH DECON is the rapid eraser you need to annihilate everything that came before. With a pH of 9.5, our intensely formulated alkaline blend will safely strip back past protection and detailing, providing you with a fresh canvas to make your masterpiece once more.  

Use this to:

  • Decimate old wax, sealants and other protections
  • Rip through contaminants
  • Reveal the true extent of scratches, swirls and paint imperfections
  • Reduce the exertion needed during claying
  • Provide an optimal base for new coatings to bond


Any and all new coatings - whether they be waxes, sealants, wraps or others - will always bond best when they are applied directly to the paint layer without any barriers in between. The better the bond, the greater the lifespan of your newly applied coating. MIRCH DECON has the strength to remove these barriers by eliminating all old layers of protection but is non-caustic and will work without any negative side-effects like spotting or staining. You will be shocked as it reveals the imperfections in your paint, but allows you to now easily perform paint correction. Ultimately you are left with a fresh and clean surface that you can go to town on with your clay of choice, for that final decontamination glide. 


Always wear gloves when using MIRCH DECON and always spot test on surfaces first to assess suitability. Due to its Alkaline nature, we don't recommend using it as your maintenance wash on spray protection products or other weaker forms of protection. Do not allow product to dry. Always follow instructions as provided on the bottle. 

Best Practice

Note: Do not use in direct sunlight. Do not allow to dry on surface. Always spot test when unsure. Apply in a well-ventilated area and wear gloves.

  1. For best results, use MIRCH DECON in a two-bucket wash.
  2. Pressure rinse entire vehicle exterior to remove loose impurities.
  3. If using a foam cannon, spray thick foam over vehicle and allow to dwell for 2-4 minutes but do not allow to dry.
  4. Use a microfibre, like MIRCH GLIDE | ELITE | ELEVATE, to massage the product into the panels in a straight-line motion. Do this both horizontally and vertically on all sections.
  5. Thoroughly pressure rinse entire exterior clean, making sure to spray until all remaining residue is gone.
  6. Multiple washes may be required to remove newer protections/coatings. Repeat steps 3-5 as required.
  7. Use a towel like MIRCH SWALLOW to finish drying your vehicles exterior.

Recommended Dilution Starting Points:

  • 60-100mL – Bucket wash
  • 8:1 – Foam cannon

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