MIRCH Tyre Brush


The MIRCH TYRE BRUSH is designed for the most comfortable clean with it's ergonomic handle granting you superior grip. The curved head and bristles mirror the shape of your wheels, allowing for an unimpeded, consistent and natural motion using as much force as you deem necessary.

The nylon bristles are durable and effective at removing all the built up road grime and sediment when paired with your favourite wheel cleaner like MIRCH GRIME OFF or MIRCH TYRE CLEANER

For best results use the brush in a circular motion, following the shape of the tyre and going back and forth multiple times. Finish by high pressure rinsing the tyre and tyre brush when you've finished your clean.


  • Brush Head 12cm x 8cm
  • Handle 12cm
  • Black & Grey
  • Plastic & Nylon

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